Volunteer sign-up and Volunteer hours

The American Legion post 315 Volunteer Hours form, permits the American Legion post 315 Members to enter their aggregate volunteer hours from American Legion post 315 meeting – America Legion 315 post meeting dates), on-line. Aggregate volunteer hours total includes volunteer hours from the American Legion Post 315 Event Volunteering Hours, and the optional Volunteer Hours worksheet. When using both worksheet, ensure there is NO duplication of volunteer hours.

To post your monthly (meeting – to – meeting) volunteer hours, use the below link:

American Legion post 315 Volunteer Hours

The AL Post 315 Event Volunteering Hours worksheet, is for special AL Post 315 events (Such as: Ice Cream Social, Chili cookoff, etc.), permitting post members the ability and flexibility to log their volunteering positions, hours, and detail, supporting each event. Special events position requirements will be detailed by the Special events committee chair prior to post members event signup. Special Events aggregate volunteer hours ARE NOT linked to the American Legion Post 315 Volunteer Hours spreadsheet above, but are part of the total volunteer hours.

To Post your EVENT volunteer hours worksheet, use the link below:

AL Post 315 Event Volunteering hours

The volunteer Hours Worksheet permits American Legion post 315 members to record and track their volunteer hours on a daily basis. Please print a copy for your personal use, as we are not keeping track of volunteer hours on this sheet. Usage of this form is totally optional

To track your volunteer you DAILY volunteer hours, use the link be:

Volunteer Hours worksheet