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CQ CQ CQ This is KI5WIZ. KI5WIZ.  KI5WZ calling CQ and standing by.”


Legion ham radio program to be handled locally

The American Legion Amateur Radio Club (TALARC) is no longer operating as a national program, due mainly to a lack of licensed ham radio operators on staff. Legion ham radio clubs and programs, meanwhile, continue to operate successfully at the local level.

TALARC was created by resolution in 2011, and the club grew to become one of the largest in the nation. Both a hobby and a means of civil-defense communications during natural disasters, ham radio has long been an interest of veterans, many of whom served in communications roles in the military.

American Legion National Headquarters encourages continuation of ham radio programs at the local level but will no longer process memberships, manage the TALARC website – including posting net schedules and reports – or produce other promotional materials to operators. The TALARC web page will continue to appear on legion.org until Dec. 31, giving time for local clubs and members to copy or download any resources they wish to use in the future on other platforms.

Clubs are also encouraged to submit stories that would appear on the website and in other national media through the Amateur Radio category on Legiontown.


Welcome to the American Legion Post 315 Amateur Radio Club

A hobby that can also provide emergency communications

The American Legion Hale Combest Post 315 Amateur Radio Club provides both a Hobby as well as Emergency Communications “when all else fails”. The AmLeg315ARC was added as one of our Post 315 programs in May 2022 by the American Legion Post 315 membership and we at Post 315 are proud to have our own radio club, and part of The American Legion Amateur Radio Club (TALARC) until the program was sunsetted due to a lack of licensed ham radio operators on staff.

The American Legion Post 315 Amateur Radio Club is an American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Affiliated Club. To learn more about the ARRL , and more about the ARRL North Texas Section, click on each.

Our CALLSIGN is KI5WIZ and regularly meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 1800  (6:00 PM) in the Smith Library Conference room, 300 Country Club Rd, Wylie, Texas 75098

All interested members of the public and American Legion Family members (Post, Auxiliary, SAL) who either have an FCC license, or are interested in obtaining an FCC license are welcome. You do not need to be a member of the American Legion or Post 315. We encourage youth to become members of the club. It’s easy, fun, educational, and provides a vital service to the community.

Classes for Technician, General, and Extra class licenses are held periodically. You must pass a thirty-five question multiple choice test to earn your license. However, all exam questions and answers are reviewed during the classes, so there is no surprise when taking the exam. Learning Morse code is not a requirement

A TECHNICIAN  LEVEL CLASS will begin FEBRUARY 1, 2023 immediately following a brief club meeting


  • Promote interest in and the advancement of amateur radio, and electronics in general
  • To promote a good relationship between the American Legion members who are licensed radio amateurs and the public through public service activities
  • To participate in activities involving or for amateur radio
  • To be prepared to respond in case of declared emergencies or disasters, to  offer amateur radio communications where necessary


If you wish to make a donation to support our KI5WIZ repeater program or donate to the American Legion Post 315 Amateur Radio club, please click here and specify your donation as AMLEG315TX

OfficerContact Information
President: Chuck Davis KI5YMBPresident_315ARC@wylielegion.org
1st Vice President: Chuck Dockery N7UQ1StVicePresident_315ARC@wyliegion.org
2nd Vice president: Mary Lange2ndVicePresident_315ARC@wylielegion.org
Secretary/Membership: Kathy Wingo secretary_315ARC@wylielegion.org
Treasurer: Don BridgesTreasurer_315ARC@wylielegion.org
Activities Planner: open
Club trustee: Chet Rolland AD5DMTrustee_315ARC@Wylielegion.org

For more information please use the below form to contact the AL 315 Amateur Radio Club