Post Officers

American Legion Department of Texas 2023-2024 Officers

OfficerContact Information
Commander: Gerry Hince
Vice Commander: Tom Marty
Historian: Robin York
Chaplain: Jennette Merritt
Treasurer: Steve Cook
Judge Advocate: J. D. Langley
Sergeant-At-Arms: Kimberly Biggerstaff
Asst. Sergeant-at-Arms: Celia Torres
National Executive Committeeman: Kenneth Mueller
Alt. National Executive Committeeman: John Hince
Immediate Past Commander: James Watson

American Legion Department of Texas 1st Division

Commander: Steve Ferrell

American Legion Department of Texas 1st Division/4th District

Commander: Shellie White

American Legion Hale-Combest Post 315 2023 – 2024 Post Officers

OfficerContact Information
Post Commander: Mary
1st Vice commander: Robert
2nd Vice commander: Bob
Adjutant: Ed
Finance Officer: Mitch
Judge Advocate: Chuck
Service Officer: Frank
Sergeant at Arms: Chet
Historian: Ed
Hubmaster: Mitch
Webmaster: Chet
Radio Club President: Chet
Radio Club Finance Officer: Mitch
Radio Club Vice-President: Chuck
Radio Club Secretary: Ed
Radio Club Trustee: Chet