Post History

Lanny Earl Hale
Jerry Combest

Lanny Hale, 24, and Jerry Wayne Combest, 25, were best friends, classmates and teammates at Wylie High School. Lanny, U.S. Army, Sp4 Class, 198th Light Inf. Brigade, was killed in action Feb. 8, 1968, as he led his squad across a wide rice paddy while under an enemy mortar barrage, at the Battle of Lo Giang, just south of Da Nang, South Vietnam.

Jerry had been a pall bearer at Lanny’s funeral and was soon after sent to Vietnam, where as a Sp4th Class, U.S. Army, he served with the 25th Infantry Division. On Aug. 21, 1968, Jerry led his Company into battle in a dark forest known as the Ben Cui Rubber Plantation. He was killed in action that day, just about six months after his best friend’s funeral. Jerry Combest and Lanny Hale were awarded the Bronze Star Medal and are buried at Wylie Cemetery.