SAL Youth Programs

5 STAR Program of Service/ 10 Ideals program

These programs of the Sons of the American Legion go to the root of instilling true Americanism in those individuals who complete the programs. 


You don’t have to go too far to find details of these programs and the exams, they are listed in the Squadron Handbook, but there is also good presentation of both programs on the Sons website,

Today, these programs have more importance than ever before because of the countless changes in our education system with regards to what can and what cannot be presented in the classrooms. Our over indulgence in political correctness has seen the demise in the teaching of many of these values. We cannot hope that today’s educators are teaching the same things we learned in school many years ago;
today we must train our youth in the importance of these values. I encourage all reading this to participate in these programs because here’s the bottom line – our educators don’t relay many of these values, that leaves it up to you and I and if you don’t know all aspects of the programs, how are you going to encourage these values? Let do more than talk about it, let’s participate and educate!

5 STAR Program of service

In the 5 Star Program, the five stars that are addressed demonstrate knowledge of;

  1. Patriotism–history of the flag, proper display, and proper respect to it.
  2. Citizenship–participation in community events and having a working knowledge of the qualities of a good citizen.
  3. Discipline–respect for rules and obedience to them.
  4. Leadership–principle requirements of being a good leader.
  5. Legionism–thoroughly understands the ritualistic workings and the program of activities for the S.A.L.

Once the person has reviewed the criteria and researched the topics a brief exam is given. Upon successfully completion, an application should be completed and submitted to the Detachment or Department for approval after which a medal demonstrating the achievement will be awarded.

10 IDEALS program

The 10 Ideals Program covers: 

  1. Patriotism: Participate in Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day parades and ceremonies. Learn the proper display of the flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Health: Write an essay on maintaining sanitary conditions to promote health in your home, the post home, or during outdoor activities.
  3. Training: Become a squadron officer or assist existing officers during meetings and activities.
  4. Knowledge: Maintain good grades in school. Understand the instructions for the Ten Ideals and the Five Points of service. Explain the meaning of each individual part and know what the SAL emblem represents.
  5. Honor: Display honorable service in the squadron over six months by being truthful and honest in your actions.
  6. Faith: Demonstrate good conduct and willingness to obey instructions over six months, earning recognition from your squadron for faith in its leadership and ideals.
  7. Helpfulness: Attend meetings consistently, volunteer for tasks, and promote your squadron by signing up at least one new member.
  8. Courtesy: Be polite and respectful to comrades, officers, Legionnaires, and others.
  9. Reverence: Show your affiliation with a religious organization. Assist in placing markers and flowers on veterans’ graves.
  10. Comradeship: Support the squadron by participating in the annual Poppy Sale and cheering up veterans in hospitals or at home.